Are you a marketing project manager or entrepreneur looking to develop your business?

Would you like to find new, relevant growth drivers for your business? Implement a truly effective strategy that will enable you to make the most of your investment (budget, time and energy)?

I’ve put together these marketing training courses for you 🙂

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Never done marketing before?

We can give you an introduction to this fantastic expertise.
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Do you want to improve your marketing strategy?

Discover the methods and tools (Pestel, Porter, Swot) you need to build effective marketing strategies.
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Do you want to improve your operational marketing skills?

Learn about the marketing mix and the management tools that are essential for any marketing project manager.

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Do you want to improve your digital marketing skills?

Learn about web acquisition and conversion channels, and the digital marketing tools you need to activate web growth levers effectively.
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Let me introduce myself. My name is Arthur de Montmarin and I’m passionate about marketing, an expertise I’ve developed over 15 years working for major groups (Kellogg’s, Henkel, Bel, General Mills/Yoplait) and then for my own companies (Le Bon Binôme and Neplim). For the last 10 years, I’ve been training entrepreneurs and marketing managers at business schools, incubators and adult education centres. I am also the author of two marketing books.

Video training

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Beginner marketing training

Never had any training in marketing?

It’s a fascinating subject, combining market analysis, creativity and communication.

Do you want to find out what it is, how marketing works, and what methods and tools you need to implement effective marketing? Here is an introduction to the fundamentals of marketing:

Marketing mix or « 4Ps » of marketing

Product marketing training

How to create a coherent and attractive offer that meets the needs of your target group

Price marketing training

How to price your product to achieve the difficult balance between margin and volume sold. This includes understanding price elasticity, psychological pricing, yield management, etc.

Marketing communication training

Communication is certainly the best-known marketing lever, so much so that marketing is often confused with communication.

Distribution marketing training

How to make your product accessible to your target audience, your customers.

SCP marketing approach training

The marketing approach comprises 3 stages:




I want to discover marketing

Strategic marketing training

What is our current situation (diagnosis),

where do we want to go (objective)

and how do we intend to get there (strategy),

These are the three questions that strategic marketing answers.

Strategic marketing is the key to your success. It is essential to master the fundamentals: analysing the environment, defining objectives, choosing a marketing strategy (segmentation, targeting and positioning).

Why work on strategic marketing? To define a strategy that will enable you to be sure that it can be carried out successfully, and that all your energy and budget will be invested in a profitable strategy.

Developing a good marketing strategy means being able to :

Analyse your environment (internal diagnosis, external diagnosis, Pestel and Porter analysis, direct and indirect competition, SWOT matrix)

Define effective long-term objectives (SMART objectives)

Choose the strategy that will enable you to achieve your objective and that is adapted to your environment

Measure the effectiveness of your marketing plan

Once you have completed these steps, you can define your marketing plan.

I want to learn about strategic marketing

Training in strategic marketing

Strategic marketing training by function/job

Here are the professions for which our courses can prepare you:

Marketing project manager (distance learning)

Marketing product manager (distance learning)

Marketing manager (distance learning)

Strategic marketing training by theme

Marketing approach training (segmentation, targeting, positioning)

Competitive and strategic intelligence

Designing a strategic marketing plan

Creating an effective business plan

Marketing strategy training

Market research training

Quantitative research

Qualitative research

Market research

Operational marketing training

This is the practical application of your strategy within your company. To do this, you will use the 4 levers of marketing:

product: how to analyse the needs of the market to create an offer that meets them.

price: what pricing methods should be put in place to ensure the profitability of your brand and your company?

communication: how to design and implement effective communication campaigns.

distribution: how to make your product accessible to your customers.

By activating these 4 levers, known as the 4 Ps or the marketing mix, you can grow your business.

I want to train in operational marketing

Training courses related to operational marketing

Training in marketing project management

Designing and launching an innovative offer

Creating marketing dashboards

Excel for marketing training

Content creation training

Marketing mix training

Creative marketing training

Digital marketing training

Web marketing offers countless customer acquisition channels and customer conversion techniques.

In this course, you will learn how to master digital marketing techniques:

To ensure a digital presence in line with your positioning

To acquire traffic (SEM: SEO and SEA, e-mailing, social ads, affiliation, etc.)

To convert prospects and customers (white papers, chatbots, call-to-actions, marketing automation, lead scoring, etc.)

To build customer loyalty

Digital marketing course content

E-marketing tools: marketing automation, analytics (Google analytics, Google Search Console).

Clarifying web marketing terms. Digital marketing includes a lot of terms in English and a lot of abbreviations: CPC, CPM, KPI, CRO, we’ll help you find your way around.

I want to train in digital marketing

Courses in digital marketing

General digital marketing courses

Introduction to digital marketing: the keys to digital marketing

Developing your business through digital marketing

Digital marketing training

Digital marketing training by channel

SEO (search engine optimisation) training

SEA (paid search) training

Social ads training (advertising on social networks)

Social networking training

E-mailing training

Digital marketing training by function/job

Here are the professions for which our training courses can prepare you:

Data and analytics / web analytics training

E-commerce project manager

Community manager training

Design thinking training

Growth hacking

Traffic manager

Web copywriting training

The keys to UX design

Digital marketing training by theme

Digital marketing and AI: how to benefit from AI

Inbound marketing training

Customer acquisition training

Customer conversion training

Customer loyalty training

Training in web referencing (paid and free referencing)

Digital marketing training by tool

Instagram Ads training: how to run a successful advertising campaign on Instagram

Facebook Ads training: how to run a successful advertising campaign on Facebook

Linkedin Ads training: how to run a successful advertising campaign on Linkedin

Twitter Ads training: how to run a successful Twitter advertising campaign

Facebook training: how to win customers with Facebook

Linkedin training: how to win customers on Linkedin?

Twitter training: how to win customers on Twitter?

TikTok training: how to win customers on TikTok?

Google Ads training (formerly Google Adwords)

Google Analytics training (GA4)

WordPress training (CMS)

Sendinblue training (mailing tool)

Mailchimp training (mailing tool)

We regularly publish new content to help you develop your business. In particular, we will be offering video training courses in the very near future. Would you like to be kept informed? Just share your e-mail address below. We’ll send you a new one (and that’s it! ).

How can I make the most of this training?

It’s great to have quality content, but how do you make it useful? How can you ensure that it benefits you and helps you to improve your business?

I’ve been a trainer for 15 years. I’ve trained nearly 2,500 people in marketing. Here are my tips for getting the most out of your training.

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The strengths of the course

Directly applicable, highly operational training: operational tools, etc.

Practical training: created by an experienced marketer and entrepreneur.

Who is this distance learning marketing course designed for?

This marketing course is designed for people who want to learn how to analyse a market, build an offer to meet its needs and activate the marketing levers (product, price, communication and distribution) to grow their brand. It is therefore suitable for a number of different professions, depending on the theme of the course. We’ll tell you all about it below. 👇🏻

Marketing training for entrepreneurs.

To acquire the skills they need to develop their business effectively.

Marketing training for marketers

For marketing professionals to acquire the skills they need to carry out their projects.


Marketing project managers

Communication project manager

Digital project manager

Marketing manager

We train a variety of learners: professionals who have worked for 15 years after taking their baccalauréat and are looking to retrain. Students who have studied business or marketing at bachelor’s or master’s level in their business school, but who want to deepen their knowledge and, above all, make it useful for their current or future job.

Marketing training for jobseekers

Are you changing careers or looking for work? We offer general training for people who are switching to marketing and don’t yet know what job they’ll be doing tomorrow: SEO strategist, social media manager, CRO, UX designer, UI designer, data analyst, product owner, etc.

Anyone working in marketing, whether in a VSE, SME, large group or their own company. Marketing Project Manager

Training in Paris and Versailles

I provide face-to-face training in Paris and Versailles, on your company’s premises. Quotes on request.

Your questions about our marketing training

How much does this course cost? There’s no need to mobilise your CPF (Compte personnel de formation), identify your OPCO or ask your HR department for training. We have decided to offer it to you. This is free marketing training. Make the most of it 😉 Location: where can you take advantage of this training? This is a distance learning course. Whether you’re in Paris, Lyon, Marseille, Bordeaux or Toulouse, you can access this online training course from the comfort of your armchair or sofa. 😊If you would like face-to-face training, I can give it in Paris or Versailles, at your premises. Please contact me for more information. What level is this course designed for? We have created training content adapted to beginner and advanced levels. You can therefore take advantage of this course, whatever your last qualification: BacBTSIAEBachelorMaster How can I form an opinion about the course? Not sure which course to take? Are you looking for a specific type of training to meet a specific professional challenge within your company? I invite you to contact me to discuss your requirements. It will be a pleasure to talk with you. Can I use my CPF? You could if the training was paid for. But in this case, it’s free. So you can take advantage of it without funding. Why distance learning? Distance learning (and asynchronous learning = you take the course at a time that suits you) offers you a great deal of flexibility. You can take it from home or from work. Face-to-face training offers a lot of good things too, so I offer courses in Paris and Versailles on request. I’m a professional and I’d like to do some face-to-face marketing training, what should I do? Distance learning has many advantages… but it’s not for everyone! Are you able to devote several weeks, or even months, to face-to-face training? I suggest that you contact some training centres. You can contact training organisations (OF) such as IFOCOP, CEGOS or DEMOS, for example, and take advantage of face-to-face training in one of their network centres in France. Most of them will issue you with training qualifications or certificates (RNCP). I’m a student (or baccalaureate holder) and want to study marketing. What should I do? Do you have your baccalaureate and want to do a full course in business, and more specifically in marketing? There are several types of school: grandes écoles in business or management and marketing schools. They offer diplomas at bac+3 (Bachelor’s degree), bac+4 or bac+5 (Master’s degree) or even an MBA or MSC (Master of Science, recognised in English-speaking countries), giving you access to training leading to a diploma (a diploma is an excellent gateway to the job market if you haven’t worked yet). In some of these schools, you will be able to follow a sandwich course: part of the time at school and part of the time in the company, so that you can apply your new-found marketing knowledge. Work-linked training is a very interesting format: it allows you to quickly become a professional. However, it is a demanding type of contract, not least because of the rapid succession of periods in the company and in training.

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